“ AS-SKUTLANDA ” (“Scotland” in Arabic) - 17x44cm, print on premium gloss paper

AS-SKUTLANDA” (“Scotland” in Arabic) - 17x44cm, print on premium gloss paper

Limited run of signed premium prints w/ personalised card

To mark the launch of this website, I have created a limited run of 15 prints on premium gloss paper (17x44cm / 7x17inches) for the painting “As-Skutlanda” (“Scotland” in Arabic calligraphy). These will be signed and posted with a personalised card to thank those supporting this launch, at a cost of £65 each (includes UK-wide postage). Use the contact page to order yours.

The original painting is available for purchase here.

Prints available to order

The vast majority of my artwork can only be purchased in its original medium, but these prints provide an alternative way for some to have access to my art. These are all printed in the UK and dispatched directly from the printer to your address (prices below don’t include postage).

“BIPOLAR IMPERIALISM”   Print size: 38x24cm - £50


Print size: 38x24cm - £50

“IMPERIAL MOTH”  Print size: 41x28cm -£50

Print size: 41x28cm -£50

“TRUMPET PLAYER”  Print size: 43x30cm - £55

Print size: 43x30cm - £55

“UNIVERSAL SCREAM”   Print size: 41x29cm - £50


Print size: 41x29cm - £50

“JINGO”  Print size: 29x39cm - £50

Print size: 29x39cm - £50

“A BIKE”   Print size: 29x43cm - £55


Print size: 29x43cm - £55

“THE THEFT”   Print size: 29x37cm - £50


Print size: 29x37cm - £50

“AS-SKUTLANDA”  Print size: 17x44cm - £55

Print size: 17x44cm - £55

“STRANGE FRUIT II”   Print size: 43x31cm - £55


Print size: 43x31cm - £55

“THE DANCER”   Print size: 41x30cm - £55


Print size: 41x30cm - £55

“JACOB WANK-MOGG”  Print size: 37x29cm - £50

Print size: 37x29cm - £50

“JAZZ NIGHT”  Print size: 41x31cm - £50

Print size: 41x31cm - £50

Order one (or more) of the above prints by using the Contact page on this website, or sending an email directly to