WG Saraband is a Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Artist based in one of Europe’s most amazing cities and, arguably, one of the friendliest: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Being an immigrant and part of the LGBTQ+ community, Saraband has always been happy to explore what lay outside the box, and his paintings are a reflection of that. With no academic or professional training related to the visual arts, he has been working on his craft based purely on his instincts and an insatiable desire to make sense of the abstract nature of our realities and how they affect us in deeper ways than one might be aware of.

Saraband’s paintings are almost exclusively done in acrylics, juxtaposing bold colours and different shapes in order to explore varied themes and emotions. From political paintings inspired by Brexit and the pursuit of equality, to monstrous representations of his own psychological anxiety and body-image issues; there’s plenty to look for in Saraband’s vibrant and rich portfolio of artworks.

If you have any queries about the pieces displayed, or would like to discuss a commission or any other work, get in touch through the Contact page or via email: wgsaraband@gmail.com.

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